Wiscsonin Badgers and Green Bay Packers Win Big

Wisconsin Badgers tickets for their next game at Camp Randall Stadium are going fast. I think it was that solid win against Michigan State that did the trick. No, the game was not that close. The final score didn’t make it seem like a blowout, but it was.

As for our beloved Green Bay Packers, they face their biggest challenge at Minnesota this Monday night. Vikings vs Packers tickets are still available. Take a chance and go see our Green Bay Packers try their best to defeat the very lucky Vikings.

On a side note, the AC/DC concert was postponed for Milwaukee. Brian Johnson was diagnosed with an ulcer. If you purchased Bradley Center tickets for that show, they will still be good for the event, once it is rescheduled. Happy Wednesday all you Ticket King Milwaukee fans!

Milwaukee Brewers are Still My Favorites!

OK, there is no chance that my Milwaukee Brewers will make the playoffs this year. It is mathematically impossible now. It was still fun to watch Prince Fielder hit his 41st home run, right? It stunk to see those Cubbies fans cheering yet again, but we will get them next season.
In the meantime, there are some amazing Milwaukee Brewers ticket bargains. Why not cheer them on one last time in 2009?

We are just a few weeks away from Milwaukee Bucks preseason play, and that’s where I am going to focus my positive energy. Why not head on down to the Bradley Center this winter? The Milwaukee Bucks were winning games prior to the Michael Redd injury, and I don’t see why they won’t be in the NBA playoffs this year.

Finally, I just have to say that I am very disappointed with my Green Bay Packers. This game in St. Louis means so much now. The Packers will get it together. Keep your chin up you Green Bay Packers fans. Packers tickets are still a great gift idea.

Packers VS Bengals Is Fast Becoming a Bargain

This game is going to be huge! Green Bay Packers fans get to watch a game in the full sunshine, and let’s hope that they win it. The Bengals had their hearts ripped out with that tipped pass for a late game TD. You know what that means. The Packers are going to be facing a very desperate Bengals squad. Yes, The Packers are a better team, but on any given day any NFL team could win.

We can put you on the 50 yard line for a very good price. If you need a ticket to get in the door, and don’t want to spend a lot of cash, consider a Lambeau Field end zone ticket. At the time of this post, they are well below $100 per ticket. (Prices subject to change.)

Meanwhile back in Milwaukee, the Brewers are in town and the Brewers ticket bargains are plentiful. Watch Prince Fielder try to break that record, in the sun, in the shade, at Miller Park.

If you want to head west of Milwaukee this warm weekend, consider Madison as your destination. The Wisconsin Badger football team plays thier last non-conference game against Wofford.

Packers Win a Close One VS Bears and Milwaukee Brewers Play On

The Green Bay Packers are a better team than what we saw on Sunday night. The Bears have a defense that surprised us all, and Brett Favre got a win at Cleveland. What could be better? The next Packers game is coming up fast, and there are reasonably priced tickets available on our website at Ticket King.

We have some real bargain basement Milwaukee Brewers tickets for sale too. Some “premo” seats are well below face value. Put your beer on the dugout for half of what you think you would pay. It’s a warm night, and it’s time to head out to Miller Park with tickets from our Milwaukee office, just ten minutes away.

Packers Face Chicago Bears This Sunday Night At Lambeau

Lambeau Field will be filled with Green Bay Packers fans, all cheering on their Green Bay Packers. Will Aaron Rodgers play as well as he did this past season? We only have two wait two more days to find that out. More pressing is what will we hope to see from the Packers defense. They lost too many games by four points or less. We need a closer with that new 3-4 defensive scheme.

Aaron Kampman will play from a standing position this season. The veteran corners are still with the Packers. We have seen some great performances by the linebackers this preseason. Our tight ends have also stepped up to the challenge. Now, the real test begins. We face the Chicago Bears who now have a gunslinger quarterback.

Call our Ticket King Green bay office for last minute Packers ticket prices. We will be open on game day.

Brewers Near the End of A So-So Season

If you watched the Milwaukee Brewers play the St. Louis Cardinals last night, you knew that the lead the Brew Crew had wouldn’t hold. Macha went through his entire bullpen, trying to hold on to a slim lead. That’s not how you beat the read hot Cardinals.

Yea, they all say it. Pitching and defense will save the day. Milwaukee just didn’t have the pitchers to get to the post season this year. Still, we have Milwaukee Brewers tickets for the last games at Miller Park. The weather has been great, but the games not so much. Still, the crowds show up, even if they are wearing red.

If you want a topic changer, consider the Milwaukee Bucks. Ok, the season is over one month away, but we can hope for a great new season and a chance at the playoffs for our other Milwaukee team. Halloween marks the date of the first Milwaukee home game. Be there with your Dracula fangs at the Bradley Center, and cheer on our Milwaukee Bucks.

AC/DC Rocks The Bradley Center and Ticket King Wisconsin

AC/DC is what we play on our satellite radio. Angus and Malcolm will be shaking the Bradley Center on October 14th. That’s an event worth mentioning to all your rocker friends. How many more years to these guys plan on playing? The world may never know. The Ticket King family won’t all be going to that show, but rest assured, I will. We have Bradley Center tickets for that show starting at $119.00 (at the time of this post.) Get them while they’re hot.

Other notable Ticket King bargains would include Milwaukee Brewers tickets. Now that they are virtually out of playoff contention, tickets for the remaining home games are discounted accordingly. The one series that is bringing road trip fans to Miller Park is the one against St. Louis. Have a great weekend everybody, and be safe.