Ticket King Milwaukee: Brewers fans in the Wisconsin Office

Brewers verses Mets

Ticket King Milwaukee certainly has Brewers fans. The Wisconsin office was holding their breath collectively. When the Milwaukee Brewers had two men on base, and Prince Fielder cracked one to the wall, we thought the game was over. Not so. It was extra innings for the Brewers, if they wanted to win the series against the Houston Astros.

Axford struck out two batters, and it was the Milwaukee Brewers up to bat. With the bases loaded, Wolf came in to pinch hit for Axford. Wolf struck out, and Rickie Weeks was up. Weeks wisely watched the balls go by. Ball four, and Milwaukee downs Houston in the bottom of the 10th. Up next is Brewers VS Mets tickets for anyone looking to head to Miller Park. Are things going to go our way? Winning two of three is a bright spot for sure.

Ticket King Milwaukee Makes Adjustments After Christina Aguilera Cancels her 2010 Tour

Yesterday Christina Aguilera announced that her twenty city-north American 2010 tour has been canceled for this upcoming summer. Four days after tickets went on sale for her tour she announced that there was a schedule conflict and she wouldn’t be able to have enough time to practice and perform each date and time on the tour.

To me it sounds a little fishy. She never postponed it, shes just canceling it outright after all of her fans bought tickets. Some skeptics like me think that it might have been because of a lack of ticket sales or she could even be pregnant. Christina also mentioned that her new album hasn’t been released yet and she wants her fans to be more familiar with her work before she starts up a tour.

She wasn’t planning on coming to Milwaukee’s Bradley Center on this past tour but I’m hopping she will change her mind and make a stop for Milwaukee fans. The closest her concert was going to be was at Tinley Park in Illinois. If Christina does decide to come back on tour I know that fans will be dying to get Bradley Center Tickets for the event! So she better come to Milwaukee! Cross your fingers!

U2 360° Tour Postponed; Ticket King Milwaukee Saddened By The News

This morning, U2 announced that their upcoming 360° Tour will be postponed until 2011. The lead singer, Bono suffered from a back injury and had to have emergency surgery. After his surgery he was ordered at least eight weeks to recover.

Many U2 fans were very excited about this upcoming tour and are upset about the let down of their plans having to change. Ticket King Milwaukee was carrying tickets for a few different venues for this tour and has contacted the customers who purchased tickets today. They were informed that as soon as we know anything about the rescheduled dates, we will contact them. In a press release this morning the band said that they encourage fans to hold onto their tickets and that they will be choosing rescheduled dates as soon as possibly.

Ticket King Milwaukee Takes A Trip To Target Field in Minneapolis

The whole Milwaukee Ticket King office packed their bags this past weekend and went to the Brewers Twins game at the brand new Target Field. We had such a nice time and were able to hang out and meet the Ticket King Minneapolis workers.

The new stadium is gorgeous! After a long morning of rain, the clouds cleared and the sun came out for a great ball game. Unfortunately the Milwaukee Brewers did loose in the 12th inning. Ticket King Milwaukee has Miller Park Tickets and Target Field Tickets available for every game. I would definitely recommend getting your Target Field Tickets soon because they are very popular being that it’s a brand new stadium.


Ticket King Milwaukee and Bernie Brewer are very excited about the Milwaukee Brewers win last night against the Pittsburgh Pirates! The final score was 4-3 Brewers. Before last night the brewers were on a nine game loosing streak! Poor Brewers! Glad they could pull off a win last night though. I was getting a little bit worried.

The best part of last nights game was when John Axford pitched two scoreless innings! He showed get poise and live fastball with excellent breaking pitch! It was a great decision to bring him in and help the Brewers win the game. I’m hoping that they put Axford in this saturday against the Minnesota Twins because I will be at the game rooting the Brewers on for another win! The Milwaukee Brewers will be back home to face the Houston Astros on Tuesday May 25th. Miller Park Tickets will be flying out the door! GO BREW CREW GO!

Ticket King Milwaukee Is Dreaming of Jewels at the Pabst Theater!

Jewel is coming to Milwaukee in a few weekends and I’m beginning to think that some people are not aware of this! Growing up I loved listening to Jewel! I think she has a great voice and is a wonderful song writer. I’m very excited that Jewel will be at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee on Thursday June 3rd.

There are still some Pabst Theater Tickets available for this concert, so if you weren’t aware that she is coming, now you know! And tell all of your friends! It would be great if she could sing to a sold out group of Milwaukee Jewel fans!

Ticket King Milwaukee Has Your BoDeans Tickets for Uihlein Hall!

The BoDeans will be performing a special concert in Milwaukee at a very unique venue. The BoDeans will be performing on Friday may 28th at 8:00pm at the Milwaukee Uihlein Hall. The Marcus performing arts center, Uihlein Hall, tickets are hard to find for this concert! Usually when you think the BoDeans and concert in Milwaukee you would assume they would be at the Pabst or Riverside Theater but instead they will be playing at the Uihlein Hall.

The setting of this concert will be a lot more intimate and display the group’s music in a different way. BoDean fans will be very excited to see the band in a different light. I’m assuming their music will be a little more quiet and give the audience a real feel of what the music is all about emotionally. The BoDeans will be promoting their new release “Mr Sad Clown.” If your interested in tickets for this event let me know!

Ticket King Milwaukee Has Your Last Minute Nickelback Tickets

As most of you know, Nickelback is coming to Milwaukee this Friday at 7pm to the Bradley Center. This concert is going to be ROCKING! If your as big of a Nickelback fan as I am, you probably already have your tickets, but if not, were here to help!

If your ever looking for last minute Bradley Center tickets we can usually help. In the case of the Nickelback concert this Friday, we can definitely help! Contact us today to get your tickets!

Ticket King is excited about the Jonas Brothers Concert Announced at Marcus Ampitheater in Milwaukee

This just in! Jonas Brothers are coming back to Milwaukee and performing at the Marcus Amphitheater on September 7th at 7:00pm.

Tickets for the concert go on sale this Saturday. It will be interesting to see how tickets sell to this event because it is going to be in September and not during Summerfest. It would have been great if they could have come during Summerfest! Everyone in Milwaukee will soon have Jonas Brothers Fever!! Get your Marcus Amphitheater Tickets while their hot!

American Idol to Take the Stage at the Marcus Ampitheater in Milwaukee

Ticket King Milwaukee will have your ticket to see your top ten American Idol Finalists!! If your like millions of Americans all over the US, you probably have seen and enjoy watching American Idol. American Idol fans in Milwaukee are going to be very excited about this concert especially during Summerfest for the first time!

American Idol will be performing Friday night July 2nd at 7:30 PM. If your looking for tickets we will your American Idol Marcus Amphitheater Tickets!!