Toby Keith Tickets Still Available for July 1st at Marcus Amphitheater

Toby Keith ticketsToby Keith tickets are still available for tomorrow night’s concert at the Marcus Amphitheater on the 3rd day of Summerfest! The country star will also be filming for his new music video during tomorrow night’s performance. Don’t miss your chance to be on TV! Eric Church will be opening for Toby Keith beginning promptly at 8PM. Church will perform for about an hour and Toby Keith will most likely take the stage around 9:20PM. You can order tickets directly from our website or by calling our office at 414-273-6007. Our office is conveniently located downtown about a mile away from the Marcus Amphitheater so you can pick your tickets up in our office before heading to the fest!

Flashing Lights: Kanye West Tickets Still Available for June 30th

Kanye West ticketsKanye West tickets for the Marcus Amphitheater are still available for tomorrow. Don’t miss your chance to see one of hip-hop’s greatest artists in the comfort of your own backyard, Summerfest! Kanye will certainly put on an exciting show, I get giddy thinking about all of the songs he might perform: “Golddigger,” “Flashing Lights,” “Through the Wire,” “Love Lockdown,” “Come Fly Away,” “Family Business,” “Heard ‘Em Say” to name a few! Kid Cudi will be opening for Kanye West starting at 7:30 PM. To get you in the spirit of Kanye West, I give you one of my favorite songs, “Heard ‘Em Say” Take a look!

Peter Gabriel Tickets Still Available for Opening Night of Summerfest

Peter Gabriel ticketsYou are in luck because Peter Gabriel tickets are still available for the opening night of Summerfest which is tomorrow night! Don’t miss your chance to see this legendary performer in concert with the New Blood Orchestra. It’s finally time for the Big Gig and I can’t think of a better way to start the 11 day music festival than by going to a concert at the Marcus Amphitheater. Also, if you do get tickets to see Peter Gabriel, please note that the show will not have an opening act. There will also be a brief intermission for the Big Bang fireworks. You can pick up your Peter Gabriel tickets (or any tickets for the Marcus Amphitheater) in our downtown Milwaukee office at 751 N. Broadway. We are only about a mile away from the Summerfest grounds!

Toby Keith Will Film Video During Marcus Amphitheater Performance

Toby Keith Summerfest Tickets
Toby Keith fans, brace yourself for your 15 minutes of fame because Toby Keith will film his latest video during his Marcus Amphitheater performance on Friday, July 1st. Toby Keith announced that he will be filming the music video for his latest single, “Made in America” while performing live at the Marcus Amphitheater. How exciting! If you’re still looking for Toby Keith tickets, you can still get them from Ticket King Milwaukee. This should be a great show for all country music fans. In case you don’t remember, Toby Keith performed “Made in America” at the Country Music Awards a few weeks ago. Now, you can have the chance to be in his music video!

Even More Summerfest 2011 Marcus Amphitheater Tickets

Marcus Amphitheater Summerfest 2011 Tickets
Summerfest 2011 is just around the corner! Concert goers will notice that the Marcus Amphitheater box office and entrance has received a beautiful makeover. Time for the rest of our Summerfest 2011 Marcus Amphitheater concert preview. Check it out!

Jason Aldean w/ Chris Young–July 8th
Country star Jason Aldean will be appearing July 8th with country newbie Chris Young. Country fans love Jason Aldean as this show has already proved to be in high in demand. You can find your Jason Aldean tickets here.

Britney Spears w/ Nicki Minaj–July 9th
Pop star Britney Spears will make a stop at the Marcus Amphitheater on Saturday, July 9th as a part of her Femme Fatale tour. Fans can expect a great performance as well as a fairly long catwalk. This tour has already received rave reviews. You can get your Britney Spears tickets here.

Sugarland–July 10th
Summerfest 2011 will conclude with country duo Sugarland. Want to see them up close and personal? Then you’ll want to get Sugar pit tickets. What are those? Well, the Sugar pits are in the special general admission pit that is located just in front of the middle section 2. It is the closest you can get to the stage without being a member of the band. Find your Sugarland tickets here.

And there you have it! The rundown of Summerfest 2011 and the Marcus Amphitheater line up. All that’s left for you to do is to purchase your Marcus Amphitheater tickets.

More Summerfest 2011 Marcus Amphitheater Tickets–A Summerfest Preview

Time for another Summerfest preview! Summerfest is only 6 days away and I am getting so excited to eat eggplant strips and listen to some of my favorite bands play. Let’s take another look at more of the Summerfest 2011 Marcus Amphitheater headliners:

  • Kid Rock w/ Sheryl Crow–July 3rd

Diehard Kid Rock fans are already talking about how great this concert is going to be. I’ve heard from fans that Kid Rock puts on a rockin’ show. I have no doubt in my mind that this will be a high energy show. Get ready to rock and be rocked! Kid Rock’s Summerfest stop is a part of his Born Free tour. Added bonus: Sheryl Crow is the opener. Sheryl Crow has long been a Summerfest staple so it will be great to see her on the main stage. You can buy your Kid Rock Summerfest tickets here.

  • Def Leppard w/ Heart–July 5th

’80s rock fans needn’t look any further than this show to get their ’80s hair rock fix. Def Leppard and special guest Heart will rock the Marcus Amphitheater the day after the 4th of July. Def Leppard has been around since the 1970s, but they just released a live album featuring some of their greatest hits. Originally from Britain, Def Leppard is only one of five bands to sell over 10 million copies of both of their original studio albums. Def Leppard w/ Heart tickets can be found here.

  • Black Keys–July 6th

These blues rockers from Ohio formed in 2001 and have already sold over 1.7 million records. Their album, Brothers, released in 2010 was listed #2 on the Billboard’s Best Albums of 2010 list. Currently, the pair is working on their 7th studio album. The Black Keys also performed at this year’s Bonaroo festival. Florence & the Machine will be opening for the Black Keys. Florence & the Machine generated a lot of buzz after performing live during the Oscars earlier this year. Black Keys tickets can be purchased here.

  • Katy Perry–July 7th

Bubblegum pop star Katy Perry will grace us with her vibrant presence on the second Thursday evening of Summerfest. This show promises to be high energy and full of #1 hits. Katy Perry has turned a lot of heads with her powerful vocals, fun lyrics, and very catchy tunes. Do you think she’ll roller skate on the stage during “California Girls?” There’s only one way to find out–go to the show! You can get Katy Perry tickets here.

Stay tuned for another Summerfest concert preview tomorrow!

Summerfest 2011 Marcus Amphitheater Tickets–A Summerfest Preview

Summerfest 2011 Marcus Amphitheater TicketsSummerfest 2011 begins just one week from today! That means that it is officially summer here in Milwaukee. This year’s Summerfest has a great lineup and you’re in luck because Ticket King Milwaukee still has Summerfest 2011 Marcus Amphitheater tickets available for all 10 shows. So you’re in luck, you can still get ticket to see your favorite headliners, but you better hurry. Below is a rundown of the first few Summerfest 2011 Marcus Amphitheater headliners:

  • Peter Gabriel–June 29th

Peter Gabriel will be performing with the New Blood Orchestra (including members of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra) on the opening night of Summerfest. A classic rocker and former member of Genesis, Peter Gabriel has a huge repertoire of songs. This will be a great show for all classic rock fans. You can get your Peter Gabriel tickets here.

  • Kanye West–June 30th

Critically acclaimed rapper Kanye West has generated buzz in the past few years with controversial comments and actions, but West is back on the scene with a brand new album. He’s an excellent performer with an eclectic array of songs. This will be a high energy show featuring new songs as well as top hits from the past few years. Get your Kanye West tickets here.

  • Toby Keith–July 1st

Country fans will not one to miss this show! Country superstar Toby Keith will dazzle fans with hits from his latest album, Bullets in the Gun. I hear that Keith’s show will even include pyrotechnics. Get your Toby Keith tickets here.

  • Jason Mraz w/ Guster–July 2nd

Guster has long been a staple of the Summerfest lineup, so it’s good to see them as the opening band for Jason Mraz at the Marcus Amphitheater. This alt rock band will be a nice compliment to Jason Mraz. Jason Mraz is a very versatile performer as his songs are influenced by reggae, soul, hip-hop, pop, and folk to name a few. Get your Jason Mraz tickets here.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s rundown of more Summerfest 2011 Marcus Amphitheater headliners!

Don't Worry, You Can Still Get Your Badgers Tickets from Ticket King Milwaukee

Badgers TicketsYesterday, student season tickets for the UW Badgers 2011 football season sold out in a matter of minutes. Miss your chance to get tickets? Don’t worry, you can still get your Badgers tickets from Ticket King Milwaukee. While we do not carry tickets for the student section, we do carry tickets to all of the Badgers games at Camp Randall and on the road. The Badgers had an exciting season last season that ended in a trip to the Rose Bowl, and there’s no telling what they will accomplish this season. If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience a Badger game at Camp Randall, you should definitely get to Madison this season. There’s nothing quite like being amongst a group of enthusiastic Badgers fan in a sea of red at historic Camp Randall. And how about that UW Marching Band?! You’ll definitely want to stay through the 5th quarter.

Britney Spears Tickets Still Available for Summerfest 2011

Britney Spears TicketsBritney Spears tickets are still available for Summerfest 2011. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see one of pop music’s biggest stars right here in Milwaukee. Already, Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale tour has generated a lot of buzz among music critics. Her tour, which kicked off last week, has received rave reviews. Fans will not be disappointed with this show. Britney’s show at the Marcus Amphitheater will have a unique layout, different than other shows. Her show will feature a catwalk that will extend into the seating in section 2. Fans hoping to get a close glimpse of Britney will be able to, especially if they get seats close to the catwalk. Nicki Minaj, one of hip-hop’s hottest new acts, is opening for Spears on the aptly named Femme Fatale tour. What a treat for Summerfest 2011!

Green Bay Packers Tickets from Ticket King Milwaukee

Green Bay Packers ticketsThe Green Bay Packers preseason begins less than two months from now! Ticket King Milwaukee already has Green Bay Packers tickets available for the 2011 NFL season. Last night, the Green Bay Packers received their Super Bowl 45 rings in a special ceremony at Lambeau Field. Already they are looking to repeat their Super Bowl win in the 2011 season. The Green Bay Packers kick-off the regular season against the New Orleans Saints on Thursday night football at Lambeau Field. Look forward to an exciting schedule this 2011 season. I can hardly wait to fire up my grill outside Lambeau. Go Pack Go!