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Green Bay Packers ticketsSo…you have your Green Bay Packers tickets and you’re all set to head to Lambeau Field on game day, except there is one thing still on your mind: where am I going to park my car? Parking in Green Bay can be a little tricky if you don’t have your parking taken care of in advance. In case you don’t know, there are two parking lots at Lambeau Field–the Oneida lot and the Ridge Road lot. You can only park in these lots if you have a parking pass; you cannot simply drive up to the lot, pay, and park. We carry these parking passes for all of the games, so if you are looking for one, let us know! We also offer parking in our Ticket King Green Bay Parking lot for just $20. Our parking lot is located on Oneida Street, just a block south of Lambeau Field. It’s very convenient (not to mention affordable) to park in our lot because you can still tailgate and you are in walking distance to Lambeau Field. Personally, I like to park my car in the Ticket King Green Bay parking lot, swing into the office and get my tickets, and then walk over to Kroll’s for a nice pre-game tailgate. So, whatever you decide to do, the moral of the story is to take care of your parking before you get to Lambeau Field.

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