Green Bay Packers Tickets: Green vs. Gold Packages

Green vs. gold packageWhen it comes to Green Bay Packers tickets, we get this question a lot: what is the difference between the green and gold packages? Depending on whether or not you are a Green Bay Packers season ticket holder, you may have heard the distinction between the green package and the gold package. If you don’t know the difference between the two packages, you will in a moment! The two different ticket packages started when the Packers used to play their games at both Lambeau Field and County Stadium. Season ticket packages were offered for Lambeau Field games and County Stadium games. When the Packers moved all of their games to Lambeau Field, the Milwaukee season ticket holders were offered a 3-game package deal known as the “gold package.” The remaining games are the games allocated to Green Bay season ticket holders, also known as the “green package.” This year’s gold package games are the Packers/Cardinals preseason game on Friday, the Packers/Broncos game on October 2nd, and the Packers/Buccaneers game on November 20th.

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