The 5 Games in Wisconsin Sports You Should See This Fall/Winter

As you’ve noticed, it’s starting to cool off out there and people are putting away their beach gear for good. It’s the perfect time of year to catch a sporting event and with the Badgers, Packers, and Brewers playing so well, we as Wisconsin sports fans have a lot of great teams to watch! With great teams come great games and it’s tough because we can’t go to them all. That’s why I’m sharing with you the 5 games in Wisconsin sports that you should see this fall/winter. They are as follows:

1) Any Brewers playoff game. We know our Brewers are going to the playoffs, it’s just a matter of when. You will not want to miss out on the chance to see the Brewers playoffs at Miller Park. As I mentioned before, since the dates are not yet set in stone, if you buy playoffs tickets know that the date could change. If you don’t have a flexible schedule, you won’t want to buy a ticket until you know the exact date.
2) Badgers vs. Nebraska on Oct. 1st at Camp Randall. Nebraska just joined the Big Ten and Nebraska fans like to travel. The Badgers took the Big Ten title last year. This game is going to be huge. Badgers games are so much fun in and of themselves, so all the hype around this game will make it that much sweeter. Badgers tickets are still available.
3) Packers vs. Broncos on Oct. 2nd at Lambeau Field. This is the next Packer home game! Don’t miss the Packers while the temperatures are still in the double digits. This is also the first game of the Milwaukee package. This game has a 3:15 start so you will have plenty of time to make it to Green Bay and take in the sights before the game.

4) Badgers vs. Marquette on December 3rd at the Kohl Center. Nothing like a little intrastate rivalry! The Badgers and Golden Eagles are longtime rivals and both teams have a deep tradition of making it to the playoffs. This will be a high energy game to watch.
5) Packers vs. Bears December 25th at Lambeau Field. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like a Packers/Bears game at Lambeau! A Packers victory is all I’m asking for Santa to bring me this Christmas. By this time, we will have a pretty good idea of where the Packers will be playoffs-wise. Fun for the whole family!
There you have it, all the games that you need to see this fall and winter. Any other games you think I should have included?

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