'So When's The Next Brewers Game?': Milwaukee Brewers Playoffs Tickets

Milwaukee Brewers playoffs tickets

A lot of people have been asking, “So when’s the next Brewers game?” Much of that will be determined after tonight’s NLDS playoffs games in both Arizona and St. Louis. Here’s a look at all of the possible scenarios for upcoming Brewers games:
* If the Brewers win tonight, they eliminate the Diamondbacks and move on to the NLCS.
* If the Phillies win tonight, they eliminate the Cardinals and get home field advantage over the Brewers in the NLCS.
* If the Brewers lose tonight, there will be a Home Game 3 at Miller Park this Friday.
* If the Phillies lose tonight, there will be another home game for them in Philadelphia.

So, there could be one more NLDS home game at Miller Park this Friday. If the Phillies move on to the next series with the Brewers, the Brewers will not have home field advantage. However, if the St. Louis Cardinals win, they Brewers will have home field advantage over them in the NLCS and that could be as early as Sunday. Milwaukee Brewers playoffs tickets are available for all games.

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