Gary Anderson Takes Over For Bielema | Badgers Prepare For Rose Bowl

Gary Anderson Badgers Head Coach
Gary Anderson is now head coach of our Wisconsin Badgers football team.  Andersoncomes from Utah State.  Utahended the season with an impressive 11-2 record.  While he coached the Aggies, his focus was on defense.  Utah ranked among the top ten in holding opponents to fewest points. The Badgers defense gave up over 320 yards per game.  They could use some talent on defense.
The Aggies were a team in need of serious leadership when Anderson took over. The loss of Anderson puts Utah back in the hunt for a replacement.  Something they did just four seasons ago.  Mel Tucker and Chris Ash were both candidates for the Badgers job, but Alvarez felt Anderson wad heads and shoulders above the rest.
The Badgers have over two dozen returning starters.  Guiding these young men will be a monumental task. Andersonwill also be looking to recruit solid replacements as the seasons roll on.  In the meantime, the Badgers continue to prepare for the Rose Bowl game against Stanford.   

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