Brewers Ticket Prices For Home Games At Miller Park

Brewers ticket prices

What are our Brewers ticket prices, you say?  The short answer is “it depends.” Just like any hot ticket, prices can vary from game to game, and the time of year.  There are days when a Brewers ticket is a bargain, and times when tickets are priced higher due to market conditions. Grabbing a bargain priced ticket might mean going to Miller Park on a weeknight, or sitting in the upper-most level.  Higher priced tickets are usually the better seats at Miller Park.

      ·         Sitting in the infield, just above the visitors’ dugout is one of the best places to see a game.  

·         A ticket for a seat down the left field line has its advantages. It’s easy to see the arc of the pitch from that area, and you never know when a foul ball will come your way.

·         Seats behind the screen are great, but some feel that they lose out on a bit of the action.

·         If you get the chance, check out the NYCE Stadium Club area out in left field.

·         Seats in the 400 level offer a bird’s eye view of the field.

Finally, the Brewers’ opponent can certainly influence the price of our tickets.  Cubs fans call Miller Park “Wrigley North.” When twenty thousand Cubs fans drive north, tickets can be a bit harder to find. During inter league play, ticket sales are brisk.  It’s best to plan far ahead on those occasions.

Whether you are sitting in the uppermost level or just up from the on deck circle, you will find that Miller Park is a great place to see a Brewers game.  This summer, spend some time at the stadium.

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