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The Green Bay Packers are NFC North Champions for the fourth season in a row. If Green Bay makes it to the Super Bowl, one thing will certainly make the “highlight” reel. The image of Aaron Rodgers heading back to the sidelines after going down just before the half this past Sunday.  Packers playoff tickets for the the game at Lambeau are available now. Kickoff is set for January 11, at Green Bay.

Aaron was nursing an injured calf, before heading into the game against the Lions. He was listed as “probable” earlier in the week, and most fans knew he would give it a go. What surprised most fans was the fact that he further injured that same calf while scrambling to his right.  Nothing spectacular, just a run to avoid the oncoming rush. He hobbled twice, and flipped the ball to Randall Cobb for a touchdown. The stadium went silent when he didn’t get up.  Slowly, a chant rose from the crowd “MVP! MVP!” It was certainly a moment for the football ages. Now, the Packers will get to take next week off, since Green Bay defeated the Lions once again. 

Shu Adds Insult To Rodgers’ Injury Late In The Game

Finally, fans across the country witnessed Ndamukong Suh “accidentally” step on Rodgers’ bad calf.  The game was almost in the bag for Green Bay when Suh stepped backwards onto Rogers leg with one foot, then another, then pushed off. If you watch the reply from the other side of the field, you can see that T.J. Lang was actually pulling Suh forward, but he still found the need to take a second step back, after certainly knowing that he was stepping on a player.  The second step wasn’t so bad, until one notices that Suh seems to push off and put his full weight on the second step.  This is not the reaction of someone who finds themselves unintentionally stepping on a player.  Also, after years of playing in high school, college, and the pros, a top notch defensive player knows how to stay off another player’s legs, hands, or feet. Either way, the Packers are on their way, and the rest is history.   

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