Suppan Gets the Boot! How Will the Market For Milwaukee Brewers Tickets Change?

The Brewers made a huge decision today and cut right-handed pitcher Jeff Suppan from the team. The Milwaukee Brewers still will have to pay Suppan the 10$ million dollars left on his contact. This was a very expensive decision but extremely important. Many long time fans of the Pitcher and Milwaukee Brewers team as a whole seem to have lost hope and gave up on Suppan. It got to the point where it was hurting the Brewers way too much to keep playing him.

After hearing this news I automatically thought how will this affect Ticket King’s Milwaukee Brewers Ticket sales? To be honest, I’m not sure what affect it will have. Regardless of getting rid of Suppan, Miller Park Tickets are always very popular to fans nearby, So I’m guessing this wont have a big affect on sales. If anything I would hope Milwaukee Brewers Ticket sales would go up because of the new pitcher hired to replace Suppan. His name is Chris Smith and he is from Nashville. Myself along with many of my colleagues are excited to see the new pitcher in action and are planning to go this weekend. Lets turn this season around Brew Crew!

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