Brett Favre Returns to the Vikings | Green Bay Packers Fans Look Forward to the Packers VS Vikings Matchup

Brett Favre a Minnesota Viking Once Again

As Brett Favre Returns to the Minnesota Vikings, I took a very informal survey of my friends who love the Green Bay Packers. The question was: Would you rather see the Packers take on a Brett Favre led Vikings team, or not? The Results were surprising.
  • B.S. said that he would rather see Favre be sacked by the Packers six times in the first game.
  • A.K. loves Brett Favre, and enjoys seeing him suit up once again. She dislikes the Vikings though. She wants a Packers sweep
  • K.C. Is planning on going up to the Metrodome, as she has Vikings Metrodome tickets for the road game. She will quietly watch “The Packers crush the Vikings.”
  • F.B. Thinks that Favre should have stayed retired the first time. He doesn’t care.
  • J.B. was too busy to give more than a grunt for an answer. I’m thinking he wants a Packers win.
  • J.L. Took down all his Brett Favre photos that were in his office. He’s not happy that Brett continues to retire until training camp is over, then coming back just in time. He wants a Packers victory for both games.
  • K.B. Thinks that it doesn’t matter who wins. She doesn’t care about either team.

Could my survey be any more informal? I doubt it. Packers tickets for all road and home games are on sale now. Get out and enjoy this warm August weekend. Go Packers!

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