Milwaukee Summerfest 2011 Will Close Its Doors on July 4th

Milwaukee Summerfest 2011
Traditionally, Milwaukee’s Summerfest has always started on a Thursday and has lasted for eleven days, ending on the following Sunday. The 4th of July usually falls at some point during the fest. Milwaukeeans have been able to enjoy their 4th of July holiday by taking a nice leisurely stroll through the grounds, enjoying a plate of eggplant strips from the Venice Club or taking a ride on the Sky Glider. Not in 2011! Milwaukee Summerfest 2011 will not be open during July 4th. Instead, they will split the fest into two parts. For the first time in almost 30 years, Summerfest 2011 will begin on a Wednesday (June 29th) and run until Sunday, July 3rd. Milwaukee’s Summerfest will be closed on Monday, July 4th and reopen Tuesday, July 5th until Sunday, July 10th. Why the change? Apparently customer feedback has shown that Summerfest-goers are more likely to attend the fest on a Wednesday as opposed to a Monday. It might seem odd that the festival will be closed on July 4th, a day no one works, but apparently the festival’s reasoning for closing has more to do with the fact that the day is a Monday and not the 4th of July. I guess we’ll see what happens. What do you think? Should Summerfest 2011 really stay closed for the 4th of July?

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