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Linkin Park Summerfest 2015
Linkin Park comes to Summerfest 2015 on June 30. This “rap rock” band has been going strong for eighteen years. Although the band has produces just six albums in that time, their following is strong. The band is made up of your basic “guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, but their twist is having Joe Hahn backing that up with turntables and samples. Linkin Park Summerfest tickets are on sale today. Opening for Linkin Park will be A Day To Remember.  
Judging by the number of views of their song “Numb”, it’s safe to say that it’s one of their biggest songs, from their most popular album, Meteora. 20 million in sales to date, pretty much puts this disk at the top.  It’s been eleven years since that album came out, and while it has its place in the museum of “Alternative” music, the band has certainly evolved. A taste of their more up to date sound can be found on the album titled Living Things. The song “Lost in the Echo” is a fantastic example of a cleaner song, but something that still relies upon that tried and tested rap feel.
In 2014, the band released The Hunting Party. Linkin Park produced the album on their own, and sent Rick Rubin (the famous record producer,) packing before the project began. The album will surely hit “platinum” status. Upon its release, number of units sold was peaking at 149,000 copies after week number two. At the time of this post, the record has sold nearly one million copies worldwide.  The album is much more about the “rock” side of things, but with rap styling on the vocal end.   

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