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It’s hard to believe, but the 2019 NFL season is nearly upon us. Week number one of the preseason is this weekend, and this will be our first chance to see the Green Bay Packers under the direction of new head coach Matt LaFleur. This is a significant moment for the Packers. This will be their first game in this new offensive scheme, and to put it bluntly, this is their first real system change in 28 years. From Holmgren to Sherman to McCarthy, the Packers used essentially the same system at its core. Granted, it was changed, adapted, updated, and altered over the years to fit with the times, but at its core, it was the same system. In this first game, they will take on the Texans. Texas has been in Green Bay all this week, and some highlights included a rookie cornerback for the Texans getting sent to the showers for hitting too hard and J.J. Watt breaking a kids bike. What are we looking for in week one?
How will Aaron Rodgers perform, or will he even play? In recent years, it has been a given that Rodgers sits out week one of the preseason. However, this is a new system, so it is unclear whether he will play. Even if there is a huge need for Rodgers to get his reps in, it’s more than likely that fans will see just Kizer and back ups.
One of the features of camp is the Packers backup quarterback battle between DeShone Kizer and Tim Boyle. Kizer did himself no favors on Family Night. That interception was just horrible in so many ways. Boyle has gotten closer by simply not making any mistakes yet. Now he has an opportunity to seize the moment in actual gameplay. Kizer is going to have to sweat this one out if he wants to keep his job.
The right side of the offensive line still a question mark. This one got a little clearer with the release of Jason Spriggs yesterday. Spriggs, a former second-round draft choice, just never put it together and refused to work on doing so. Now he’s gone, so it is four guys battling for two starting spots, not five. Lane Taylor and Brian Bulaga are holding on for now, but that could change. Actual game play will help us figure this one out.
Kicker Face Off- All of a sudden, there is no guarantee Mason Crosby is the Packers kicker this season. Sam Ficken has looked very impressive so far, which makes Crosby’s age and cap number a little harder to justify. Stay tuned.
Final Score: This is the preseason, and we don’t pick final scores in the preseason.

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