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The Green Bay Packers are coming off a week one win that was either sloppy or impressive, depending on which side of the ball you examine. On offense, they were as bad as they have been for an entire game since perhaps their 4-12 season under Mike Sherman. We just don’t expect the Packers offense to stall out for an entire game outside of one drive, as they did in week one. So we move on to the defense. According to advanced analytics, the Packers defense had their best game in almost a decade. Next up, they play their home opener against the Minnesota Vikings. So what to expect this week?
Aaron Rodgers– For starters, number 12 has got to be better than he was in week one. Against the Bears, Rodgers was 18 of 30 for 203 yards, over 25% of which came on one throw, and a jump ball touchdown. I can’t remember the last time Aaron was that cold for an entire game. They can’t expect that defense to hold teams to three points every week, no matter how much it has improved.
Aaron Jones/Jamal Williams– This was supposed to be the season these two became the focal point of the offense. In week one they combined for a total of 21 touches for 54 yards. Time to hit the reset button and try again, although running on the Vikings defense over the last 20 years or so has been a lost cause for the most part. The Vikings have always had an overpowering and dominant front seven, as they do right now. Matt LaFleur may need to bluff his way through one more week before establishing the running game.
Davante Adams– By all charts and projections, 2019 was supposed to be the beginning of the three-season apex point of the career of Davante Adams. He is 26, just entering his prime, is a fully developed player, and is already a two-time All-Pro. It didn’t get off to a good start. In week one he had four catches for 36 yards. This week he draws perhaps the best cover man in the game, Xavier Rhodes. Perhaps Adams waits one more week before his season gets going. Maybe, maybe not.
Offensive Line– The offensive line was just terrible in week one. Now, they draw perhaps the best pass rush in the league with the Minnesota Vikings. The news just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? David Bhaktiari is the best offensive lineman in the game, and he is going to have to play like it against the All-Pro Danielle Hunter.
Rush Defense– If the Packers are going to find a way to win this game, they are going to need another dominant defensive performance, specifically from the rush defense. Dalvin Cook blew up and swept right past the Falcons defense in week one. Stopping him is priority number one for the Packers defense.
Pass Rush- Kirk Cousins is outstanding when he has time. But the moment he feels pressure he folds like a paper clip. If they are going to win this game they need to pressure him.
Final Score: The only way we see the Packers winning this game is if their defense comes up with another heroic effort as we saw in week one, and the offense improves. 20-13 Vikings.

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