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Ticket King Green Bay brings you our version of the “Wild Card Weekend Preview.”
The 2020 NFL Playoffs are upon us. Let’s dive right in and preview Wild Card Weekend.  We tried to figure out how or why each team will or will not win their game. We hope you enjoy our educated guesses. 
(3)Patriots vs. (6)Titans
Why the Titans will win- The Titans will win because the Patriots defense can’t stop Derek Henery. Ryan Tannehill continues his impressive play over the second half with a three-touchdown performance. The Patriots have been exposed this season, and for the first time in as long as we can remember will lose as playoff home game.
Why the Patriots will win- The Patriots will win because they have lulled everyone into a false sense of security. “Oh, the Patriots are dead now,” they all say. Well, the Patriots are about to come to life and show us that they are still the “Evil Empire.”
Final score: 34-24 Patriots.
(4)Texans vs. (5)Bills
Why the Bills will win- The Bills are back in the playoffs. This is the more legitimate team in almost two decades. That defense is for real, and the offense led by Josh Allen makes enough plays to pull off a tough playoff road victory.
Why the Texans will win- The Texans have one of the most dynamic young quarterbacks in the game in DeShaun Watson. He will terrorize the Bills defense with his ability to run and pass. Carlos Hyde rushes for 120 yards, and the Texans advance to Baltimore.
Final Score: 31-20 Texans
(3)Saints vs. (6)Vikings
Why the Vikings will win- It’s going to take a miracle for the boys in purple to pull this one off, and they do just that. Kirk Cousinshas the game of his life, throwing for four touchdown passes. Dalvin Cook returns for injury to add 115 yards and a pair of touchdowns of his own on the ground.
Why the Saints will win- Ladies and gentlemen, the Saints are not just winning. They are pillaging, plundering, and taking no prisoners. They are firing on all cylinders and they roll on into round two, one more win away from an epic rematch with the 49ers.
Final Score: 45-24 Saints, with a late junk touchdown by the Vikings. As I said, it’s going to take a miracle for the Vikings to pull this one off.
(4)Eagles vs. (5) Seahawks
Why the Seahawks will win- Right now Seattle is down for the count. Their top two running backs on the depth chart right now weren’t on the roster all season, and they are down to four healthy receivers. But there’s something that smells of playoff run about this team. I don’t know what it is, all I know is I can smell it.
Why the Eagles will win- The suddenly hot Eagles won the NFC East at the buzzer from the Cowboys, and now enter the playoffs on a little bit of a streak. The playoffs are where Doug Pederson is making his magic work, and he does it yet again. 
Final Score: 31-24 Eagles

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