Lambeau Field Carry In and Bag Policy

Ticket King Green BayWhat can you bring into Lambeau Field on Packers game day? At Lambeau Field, there are strict rules to follow when it comes to carry-in items and their bag policy. First, there are no weapons allowed at Lambeau Field. You must consent to a personal search upon approach to the gates or you will be denied entry. It is important to check the latest policy for carry-in items, as things may change from game to game. All fans will pass a metal detector while entering Lambeau Field. There is no need to remove jackets, belts, or shoes when entering the stadium. There are express lanes for fans that do not bring bags or a stadium seat.

Bag Restrictions for Lambeau Field

If you must bring a bag into the stadium it must meet the size requirements, and it must be made of clear plastic. Ticket King has clear plastic bags upon request, should you need one that fits the size restrictions. The clear (gallon size) bag must be no larger than 12 X 6 X 12 inches. Otherwise, no bags, coolers, strollers, umbrellas, duffel bags, large purses, fanny packs, or banners are allowed. No food, beverages, video cameras, and large still photo cameras are allowed.

Fans can bring extra layers of clothing or blankets, as long as they fit them into the clear bag or carry it loosely through the gates for inspection. Cell phones and small binoculars are allowed. Battery-operated clothing is permitted for cold-weather games. Fans can also bring in stadium seats, the type that are no wider than eighteen inches and fit squarely onto the bleachers. No arm rests are allowed on the stadium seats. Since Lambeau Field is mostly made up of benches that are sized for people who’s average stature was smaller two generations ago, the Packers organization adheres to these carry in and bag policies in order to keep the football experience close to a theme that is more traditional when compared to other NFL stadiums. Expect to get to know the person sitting next to you on a stadium bench, as it’s a tight fit at Packers games.

Packers Lambeau Field Carry In Policy

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