Brewers Parking Passes – Where To Buy

Brewers games start with tailgating for so many fans. When looking to park at American Family Field, Ticket King has parking passes for every home game in 2023. There are three types of parking at Brewers games, General Parking, Preferred Parking, and Gold. Step one is to click on our Brewers Tickets link. From there, pick the game you have in mind. Once you pick your game, click the “parking passes” tab shown below.

From there, you’ll see your parking options for the game. We suggest that you pick the lowest priced pass for the section you care to park in.

Ticket King will send you your parking pass via Mobile Delivery. Be sure to have your parking pass on your mobile device as you approach the stadium, and enjoy the game!

Shuttles to Brewers Games – Ticket King

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One of the most convenient ways to get to American Family Field for a Brewers game is to take a shuttle. Shuttles to the ballpark make your trip to the game safe and easy. With American Family Field located in the center of Metro Milwaukee, it’s not surprising that fans can find shuttles going to the ballpark from bars and hotels across the city. Our list doesn’t include every single option, but we tried to pick shuttles that depart from various Milwaukee neighborhoods. It’s always best to check to make sure that the shuttle service that you choose is running for your particular game. Shuttles will fill up quickly for marquee games. Keep in mind that Brewers tickets are not included with any of these shuttles. 54 has a free shuttle before and after Brewers games. Dugout 54 is located on Bluemound Road, just north of American Family Field. Their service is free, but you might want to have a drink or bite to eat at Dugout 54 before the game. Kelly’s runs three free shuttles starting two hours before the game until the third inning. Return shuttles start at the top of the 6th. Kelly’s is also located on Bluemound Road, and the bar is known as a Brewers hangout. Fat Daddy’s will run you to the Brewers game for the cost of a drink. Located at 120 W. National Avenue just south of downtown Milwaukee, it’s best to check ahead to make sure that the shuttle is running on any given day.

Fin N’ Feather – This Greenfield sports themed bar runs shuttles to most Brewers games. The shuttle leaves the bar one hour before the game. Fin N’ Feather is located at 4060 W. Loomis Rd. (414)282-4410 Johnny’s runs a Brewers shuttle from south 76th Street. They post their shuttle schedule on their website.’s is another Bluemound Road pub, close to the stadium. Check their shuttle schedule for departure times and dates.

Milwaukee Brat House – Downtown Location – Shuttles to the ballpark start two hours before first pitch, running until the second inning. Pick up service starts at the bottom of the seventh inning.

Sonesta Milwaukee West Hotel – For guests, Sonesta offers a Brewers shuttle service with pre game buffet and drinks (at the hotel, before transport.) 10499 W. Innovation Drive, Wauwatosa WI’s offers game day food and drink specials and a shuttle that rolls to and from the ballpark. Shuttle tickets are required, and can be requested from their staff. 4928 W. Vliet Street, Milwaukee. Saz’s shuttle service begins approximately an hour and a half before game time. Drink purchase required. 5539 W. State St. Milwaukee.

Brewers Parking Passes | American Family Field | Ticket King

Parking at American Family Field is easy when you know which pass to purchase. Ticket King carries parking passes for most Brewers games at the ballpark. When you click on our Milwaukee Brewers tickets page, you will see a separate tab for parking passes. Once you click that tab, you will see all the parking passes to purchase for that particular game. Get to the ballpark early and join your fellow Brewers fans in some quality pre-game fun at the ballpark.

Q. How Much Does it Cost to park at American Family Field?

A. Prices for parking at American Family field depend on where you park, and the popularity of the game you are attending. When you click the “Parking” tab on our Brewers game pages, all parking and pricing options will be displayed.  

Q. Can You Tailgate at American Family Field?

A. Yes, you can tailgate at the ballpark. Grills are allowed in the parking lots, and you will find that cars are spaced with tailgating in mind. You can tailgate in any lot at American Family Field. All tailgating must end 30 minutes after the game starts. 

Q. When Do the Parking Lots Open?

A. Lots open three hours in advance of the game, but that is subject to change. 

Q. Can I leave the lot and come back?

A. There is no in & out parking for Brewers games. If you exit the lot, there is a full charge for re-entry, provided that there are spaces available.

Q. How do we ship a parking pass to you?

A. You must have a smart device on hand to enter the parking lot. We will deliver your pass to a mobile device.

American Family Field Parking Categories

The American Family Field parking lots are divided into three categories: General Parking, Preferred Parking, and Gold Preferred Parking. Each category comes with its own pricing. As you would guess, the lowest priced parking is in the areas called “General.”

General Parking consists of three lots that are furthest from the ballpark, but still within a short walk from American Family Field.

·         The three lots that make up General Parking are named Molitor, Yount, and Uecker.

·         The Molitor lot is north of interstate 94.

·         The Yount and Uecker lots are located east of Brewers Boulevard and south of Interstate 94.

Preferred Parking is made up of nine separate areas that are west, north, and just east of American Family Field.

·         Preferred lots are closer to the ballpark than General Parking.

·          The Preferred Parking lots are named Fingers, Money, Cooper, Braves 1 & 2, Brewers 1& 2, Miller, Kuenn, and Gantner.

Gold Preferred Parking is comprised of two sections, both on the first base side of American Family Field

·         Gold Preferred is closest to the ballpark, and just west of the home plate entrances.

·   The two sections are named Thomas and Aaron.

Brewers Parking Pass
General Parking – Blue | Gold Parking – Fuchsia | Gold Preferred – Yellow

Bag Policy for American Family Field in Milwaukee

Every sports stadium or music venue has its own carry-in, or “bag policy” that must be followed. American Family Field in Milwaukee is no different. Whether it’s a Brewers game or a concert, there are rules you need to follow before you enter the venue.

For people looking to bring a small bag or purse, the maximum dimensions must be no larger than 9″ X 5″ X 2″. Clear bags are allowed and their size cannot be larger than 12″ X 6″ X 12″. Smaller clear bags like one gallon and zip lock style are allowed.

For people bringing diaper bags, there are allowances for size, but please check before entering the venue. Folks with ADA or medical concerns can also bring larger bags. It’s always best to follow what the event staff advises during the fan entry and screening process. Check with the venue before you depart.

Keep in mind that no backpacks, drawstring bags, tote bags, laptop bags, soft-sided coolers, purses, or gym bags are allowed at any time, no matter the size. American Family Field tickets for all Brewers games are available now. Enjoy the game, and follow the bag policy rules so you don’t miss a minute of the action on the field.

American Family Field - Section 228
A view from section 228 at American Family Field – Photo Credit: John L.