New Food Options at American Family Field

Ticket King WisconsinThe old days of finding just hot dogs and popcorn at American Family Field are long gone. For Brewers fans, Milwaukee restaurateurs have made their way into the ballpark’s kitchens. Fans can find new foods from Maxie’s, Story Hill, Black Shoe, and Blue’s Egg. You can find breakfast sandwiches, cheese curds, chorizo sausage, and so much more. Care for a Peppered Brandy Burger? Loren Rue, executive chef of Delaware North, hopes to provide Brewers fans with “The best food in baseball.” Here’s a sample of food now available at American Family Field.

Updates to the famous Johnsonville Bratwurst are getting rave reviews. 

  • Johnsonville Ultimate Bratwurst, made with apple sauerkraut, brown mustard, Swiss cheese, and onion.
  • Johnsonville Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich, with egg, American cheese, cilantro, comeback sauce on a brioche bun.
  • Johnsonville Tipsy Polish Sausage, with caramelized onions, brown mustard, tots, and cherry peppers.
  • Johnsonville Sausage with sweet peppers, giardiniera, and mozzarella cheese.

A new twist on an old favorite the hot dog was created by the folks at Story Hill BKC.

  • Hot dog with Sharp cheddar, curds, & ranch dressing.
  • Hot dog with Sharp cheddar, jalapeno, and tots.
  • Chili dog with sour cream and scallions.
  • Brat strip dog with sauerkraut, mustard, and cheese sauce.

New burger styles are also getting attention at American Family Field.

  • Double Story Burger, with cheese and pickles, on a brioche.
  • Bacon Burger on a brioche.
  • Peppered Brandy Burger with Swiss cheese, brandy onions, and peppercorn mayo on brioche.

Chicken by Maxie’s is now the rage.

  • Fried chicken sandwich with pickles, American cheese, sauce on a brioche bun.
  • Chicken tenders with sauce.

Fans can try the latest cocktails at the Cream City Cocktail Bar to wash it all down. To be sure, your old favorites will still be available at the ballpark.