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Sell Your Green Bay Packers Tickets to Ticket King

Sell your Packers tickets directly to Ticket King Wisconsin, and save yourself time and trouble. We’re happy to make you an offer on individual games or season tickets at Lambeau Field. Our company has been buying and selling Green Bay football tickets for 31 years. Whether you’re looking to sell tickets for one game, or an entire season, we pay competitive prices for games in demand.

There is no need to list your tickets on a  “marketplace” and hope that they sell. No need to worry that the person you met on a social media site will actually pay you for the tickets you listed. Ticket King’s immediate payment upon delivery means we do all the work for you. We’re proud members of the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of Ticket Brokers.

Contact Ticket King to Sell Your Tickets

  • Call our Milwaukee office at (414)273-6007 or the Green Bay office at (920)405-1000 and we’ll make you an offer over the phone.
  • You can also email your details to and we’ll reply during business hours.
  • Lastly, you can fill out our Sell Your Tickets form online.

Ticket King’s customers are based right here in Wisconsin, and we’re helping Packers fans get to games that you sold to us. We do all the work of selling the tickets, no hassles and no worries for you.

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