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Blink 182 Summerfest tickets

Blink 182 comes to Summerfest 2016 on July 5. The pop-punk trio is set to release their next album just before they come to Milwaukee. Believe it or not, but the band is now twenty years old! They will be supported by All Time Low, another band of that era. Blink tickets for Summerfest can be found after May 7th, when the tickets go on sale through the box office.

Blink 182 released six albums to date, starting with their 1995 effort titled “Cheshire Cat.” The band would produce Dude Ranch, before hitting it big with their album titled “Enema of the State.” That disk featured Travis Barker, and came with a bit of controversy. Had the band “sold out” when their sound was cleaned up? Their punk roots were scrubbed clean, and many original fans moved on to other bands. Still, it’s tough to argue that the band should have stayed in that tiny musical spectrum. Punk rock is great, but after a while, most band want to stretch their musical wings. Blink did just that, by adding pop sounds to their style. 14 year old boys certainly loved Enema of the State. Now those 14 year-olds are 34, and have the funds to attend this upcoming show at the Marcus Amphitheater. 

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