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Brewers Free Agent Prospects
We have reached the second week of January, and for many a free agent still on the market, it is starting to reach panic time. There are still some good players out there. But will anyone bite? The Milwaukee Brewers could use a few solid free agents to shore up spots on the roster. This post was put together by our “In House” Brewers expert T.J. Bryce. 
Jarrod Saltalamacchia/C- What an up and down career this man has had. From prize prospect of the Braves to young talent for the Rangers to big free agent contract to being released mid-season back to priority free agent status then once again returning to “wait and see” status. At some point he is going to get a contract, but from who, and for how much. I can’t imagine anything more than one year at this point.
Matt Wieters/C- I am stunned this man is still on the market. Yes he has an injury history, but he is everything you want in a catcher when healthy. Good hitter, good game caller, good arm, etc. He is going to get an offer before Saltalamacchia.
Ryan Howard/1B/DH- Howard could be a productive DH for an American League team. Problem is, there are not many DH slots currently open and based on his age and weight problems, most American League teams have not even called him to this point.
Mark Trumbo/OF/1B/DH- This is the big stunner to this point. Trumbo is coming off an MVP caliber season and he is still on the market. He has a draft pick attached to him, which is slowing down the process, and is something that will go away next year in this new CBA, but he will get a deal eventually, probably returning to the Orioles, but at their prices. Rumors are he and his agent are still overreaching, which is not helping the process either.
Adam Lind/1B/DH- Unlike several others on this list, it is not surprising Lind is still out there. He will get a contract though. Currently the Rangers are considering Lind, which is not surprising since they have hole at first base due to the Prince Fielder fiasco.
Jose Bautista/OF/1B/DH- This is the biggest name still on the market, but the least surprising name to still be out there. Bautista has been a jerk about his free agency since last year, when he said he would not take anything less than four years and a 100 million. He and his agent are still overreaching, but it’s pointless at this junction. He needs to just take the Blue Jays offer and shut up.
Jason Hammel/SP- Really the only pitcher of value left on the market is the former Chicago Cub, who did not make the Cubs postseason rotation last year. Hammel wants to sign a contract, with the promise that he will stay put the entire contract without being traded. That is hard to promise though, which is what is holding up the process.

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