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NFL Playoffs

There is no shortage of sports writers that have the entire NFL Playoff picture mapped out. Some have already predicted a “Patriots vs Cowboys” Super Bowl. Will that come to pass? Our in-house sports guy T.J. Bryce lays out his own outcomes for this upcoming weekend in the NFL.

Patriots vs. Texans– It could be the least exciting game of the weekend. The Texans have about as much chance to win this game as the Packers do of getting through a season without a significant injury. To even have a prayer, Brock Osweiler must play the best game of his life and the Texans must be perfect in all facets of the game. Even that wouldn’t be enough though. Final score: 38-24 Patriots.

Falcons vs. Seahawks– The Seahawks travel to Atlanta to play perhaps the NFL’s best offense this season, the Falcons, and there should-be MVP winner, quarterback Matt Ryan. Last week’s Seahawks could beat these guys. The problem is that the Seahawks can’t take that style on the road for some reason anymore. Matt Ryan should have an easy time at home throwing the ball to Julio Jones indoors and at the end of the day, the Falcons will pull away in the second half. Final Score: 38-27 Falcons.

Chiefs vs. Steelers– This is the game of the weekend. The red hot Steelers travel to Kansas City to play a Chiefs that swiped the AFC West from the Raiders at the buzzer following the Derek Carr injury. Originally to be played Sunday afternoon, this game will be played Sunday night due to an ice storm set to move through the Kansas City area Saturday night, and into Sunday morning. The Steelers have the NFL’s best running back-wide receiver combo at the moment with Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. The Chiefs meanwhile rarely beat themselves. At this moment, this is what is known as a push in Vegas books. Should be a great game. Final score: 30-27 Steelers.

Cowboys vs. Packers– The Cowboys welcome the NFL’s hottest team at the moment, the Green Bay Packers, winners of seven straight, and in impressive fashion at that to “Jerryworld” Sunday afternoon. What would have been the game of the year in the NFL has now had some of the air taken out of it due to Jordy Nelson and his fractured ribs. The Packers needed Nelson for that to be the case. This will still be a decent game, but at the end of the day, the Cowboys will be just too much for these Packers. The joyride in Titletown is over and what a dandy joyride it was. I have not seen a team get this far on house money in quite some time, and this team has been playing with house money since before Thanksgiving. Final Score: 34-27 Cowboys.

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