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We have reached Conference Championship Sunday in the football calender. In the first game, our own Green Bay Packers will be traveling to Atlanta to take on the second-seeded Falcons. The second game gives us a red hot Pittsburgh Steelers team heading to Foxboro to take on the Patriots.

Falcons vs. Packers– Once again, much like last week, some of the life has already been sucked out of this game due to injury news for the Packers. They proved us wrong last week, but to be honest, the Packers match up a little better with the Cowboys than they do with the Falcons at this point in time. The Packers needed to be perfect in this game, just to have a chance. It’s not looking good for the Packers tomorrow. Still, what a great and awesome joyride it’s been. The Packers have been playing house money for a long time now, the poker is coming to an end very soon, and they are bleeding chips with all of these injuries piling up. They are holding a pocket ace. Might as well bet what they have, and pray they “hit an ace on the river.”

Final Score: Let’s just leave this guess alone for the week.

Patriots vs. Steelers– This is going to be the game of the year. The Steelers come into this game the red hot, winners of nine in a row. The Patriots are on a winning streak of their own. There is one thing to note going into this game for the Patriots, and it is a very significant one, so much so that Colin Cowherd pointed it out earlier this week. I know Tom Brady claimed he could play into his 40’s recently, and he has looked great this season since returning from suspension. Father Time’s wife, Mother Nature, is his biggest weapon in showing aging athletes just how old they really are. 39-year-old Tom Brady has thrown up two straight playoff clunkers, both in bad weather. If he throws up another clunker tomorrow, and Ben outplays him, Bill Belichick needs to call up Robert Kraft next week and say “Let’s have lunch. We need to talk.” Jimmy Garrappolo is 25, is former second round draft choice of theirs, and is the real deal. If Brady fails to deliver this weekend, they need to have that conversation. An athlete’s skills go quickly these days. Aging athletes can look great, and then wake up the next morning and BAM! It’s gone, just like that.

Final Score: 34-24 Steelers, with Tom Brady throwing up another clunker.

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